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The Idol’s Twilight

Anna Murzyn


You look back on your life.

A halved centurion rises

to meet you storming

battle-weary with green,

wife-shaped shadows

of a nearly-new morning

that finds you holding hands unseen

as once again you lie

content unclean, with another:

the forbidden as thrillingly

yours as the girls on screen

and, in your mind’s eye:

they’re caught in adoring surrender

of the twilight idol

they perform illegal actions

as your coliseum falls.

And the knightly hero

they came here for ?

His promise of youth revisited -

(fast drives, masked reflective black

and rich enough to sell

an impossible future,

to bring a free girl back

from paradise

to the dull grey mouth of hell)

- is just a washed-out shell

of brick and plastic fantasy,

your long-imagined citadels

of rebellions from the Twelfth

when, conquests done and ladies pleased,

you reign in pact and karma

for yourself.

And reigned a Pax Romana

won by stealth.

©️Anna Murzyn Dec 2022

“I, I will be King and you, you will be Queen we could be heroes..”

- Bowie (true idol)

I know you. In wickedness the haughty man and the weakling meet. But they misunderstand one another.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’



Anna Murzyn

Wearer of many hats; private poet, parent in parentheses, perpetual nerd.