Anna Murzyn
3 min readMar 19, 2022
Classic Lines by Stuart Garage on Unsplash

You’re the cup to my saucer
when a mug’s all I need,
you’re rare tip loose leaf
when I need coffee not tea.

You’re Foucault to my Chaucer
and I can’t get enough,
the extension question
that I can’t ever bluff.

You’re full-fat max coke
when the diet’s a joke,
you’re the luxury extras
when it comes in faux leather,

you’re gold five star
when you know I should save,
you’re that smooth cabriolet
when I must take the train,

you’re a wild Harley ride
when I pedal my bike
or mending the chain,
and you’re feeling flush
when I’m taking the bus
there and back again.

You’re hot in Saint Vincent
when I’m wet in a tent,
you’re sailing off Spain
when I’m cold in the rain,

you’re the view in Lom Bok
while I’m watching the clock
you’re a stroll by the Nile
when I’m queuing for miles,

you’re a Perhentian trip
when I’m in a dip
or a Balinese banquet
when I’m under the blanket,

you’re a massage and nap
when my whole world is
you’re salmon and pheasant
to my bacon baps.

You’re Greek island hopping
when I’m grocery shopping,
you’re glamour on telly
when I’m tired and smelly,

you’re all the red rhymes
when I want yellow lines
and I’m in the wrong lane,
why won’t you refrain
and be mine

Anna Murzyn

Wearer of many hats; private poet, parent in parentheses, perpetual nerd.