Quis Sicut Deus?

Anna Murzyn
3 min readFeb 27, 2022
Photo by Gleb Albovsky on Unsplash

Growling dawn on the golden domes of restoration
and the gleaming dragon-slayer,
protector of city and soldiers,
stands, hands raised in prayer
not surrender
or a static situation

but a sorrowful soul seeking higher ground
for the next transmission
to commanders or from above
Knights in Arms by special commission
undeterred by siren songs
and velvet fists in iron gloves.

More pity then, the sleeping flock
torn from home
as nearing thunder shakes the clocks:
Uncle is coming to take your children
back for his own,
dragged by the hair into the night:

The Empire strikes back,
the old adversary has many faces
all seeking rabbits and setting traps,
kingdoms of grey and lines of black
replace the white but behold,
the Archangel still holds the aces.

©️Anna Murzyn Sun 27th Feb 2022

Большой медведь боится серых кроликов

For all those fighting for hatred and tyranny underground and overground. A nod to Thief for the piece Sleeping Angel providing a prompt of sorts with its imagery of Michael (commander in chief of celestial legions and angel of peace and war) and St Cathedral’s Cathedral, Kyiv; capital of Ukraine.

And also to writer and devoted new dad Jared A. Brock for his Surviving Tomorrow blog reference to this week’s events ~ sic semper tyrannis ~ a latin phrase which (irrespective of how it is has been taken up by historical, state and political causes) translates as ‘thus always to tyrants’ meaning that bullying dictators behind closed doors everywhere eventually get what they deserve. The people of the world are overwhelmingly good — peace and justice will prevail.

Anna Murzyn

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