Anna Murzyn
2 min readMar 13, 2022
Photo by aitac on Unsplash

Who would guess
I am not what I seem

that under the dutiful
sober duress

as I read all the books
try not to remember
keep my house clean

I am lost in a tune
of exquisite surrender
swimming in dreams
of kissing in June.

As each day unpeels
out into the next

nightfall will find
me swooning still
caught in your net.

Do you need to hear
that in the golden
silence of the years

in between now
and when you
last appeared

a sparkling comet
across the blue
that I don’t
picture you?

You could guess
that in my mind
it is all as clear.

How am I to forget
in pictures you sent
images left
the views of a room

an evening from a movie set
a honeyed caress
an afternoon spent
when the will to repent

was finally spent
crosswords untied
resistance less
than the rush to rewind

to where we both went
the queen and a knight
back in the rain

students and spies
to reclaim
our lost garden again.

©️Anna Murzyn 13th March 2022

Anna Murzyn

Wearer of many hats; private poet, parent in parentheses, perpetual nerd.